You have to fight

Play 0x01 Play 0x01 Run 2:45
Play 0x02 Play 0x02 Be Careful 3:12
Play 0x03 Play 0x03 They found you 4:04
Play 0x04 Play 0x04 You need to go higher 3:27
Play 0x05 Play 0x05 Rest here 4:09
Play 0x06 Play 0x06 They are here 4:15
Play 0x07 Play 0x07 You have to fight 4:20
Play 0x08 Play 0x08 This is the end 3:45

First album ever, now remastered and remixed for your pleasure (and mine).

One track is missing as I don't have a licence for the software I was using at the time

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