Play 0x01 Play 0x01 Am I dreaming 5:15
Play 0x02 Play 0x02 Discoveries 4:28
Play 0x03 Play 0x03 This is impossible 4:24
Play 0x04 Play 0x04 You need to see this 4:23
Play 0x05 Play 0x05 We shouldn't be here 4:24
Play 0x06 Play 0x06 This was a mistake 4:19
Play 0x07 Play 0x07 We need to go 4:11

First cinematic album, trying to told a story trough music.

This is also the first album mostly done with hardware synths, recorded into a daw for mixing/editing or direct output to flac.

Remastered and remixed, with some track edited for a better experience.

CC BY-SA 4.0

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